Due Diligence
GEMCO is capable of taking a proposed location and providing the Owner / Developer with an accurate probable cost of governmental approval, impact fees, development site costs, building costs and design costs and a time line for approval.
Commercial Development
Developing commercial property for its highest and best use is critical to the success of any project. Selecting the right team will ensure the best and most creative site plan options, value-construction solutions, and streamlined land use entitlements. GEMCO has a proven track record of successful projects and long-term clients. We understand the land development process from site selection and entitlements through infrastructure construction and providing a finished building ready to occupy. We bring significant experience in securing a property’s best use.

Residential Development
offers comprehensive services for residential development projects that range from project conception through planning, design and construction. These services are wide ranging and can be scaled from smaller projects up through master planned communities.

Rehabilitate Expired Developments
Many of Clients have been buying commercial and residential developments that have gone back to the banks and are sitting dormant. Many of these projects require reinstatement of permits, final inspection of improvements constructed but no accepted by the local Governmental Authority. We have help get several developments back on track and now new homes or new commercial development is taking place.